We help market stallholders sell more on event day.

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Stall Marketing Workshop

ONLY $79.

Take your market stall to the next level with our Stall Marketing Workshop. It’s tailored for stallholders who have their stall operations under control but want to improve sales on and after event day. You will learn how to:

  • Create an event day Marketing Plan
  • Use a marketing funnel to covert attendees into customers
  • Plan your Stall Marketing Mix
  • Complete an in-depth Target Audience Analysis
  • Pick the best events to target your audience
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Attract more interest for your stall
  • Improve sales throughout the market
  • Increase your social media followings, website hits, online store sales or foot traffic to your bricks and mortar shop.

The online workshop will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and you can stop, start and rewind as many times as you like. You don’t
have to be tech savvy either – the session is delivered via our easy to use, step by step e-learning platform. Simply press the buy now button, put
in some basic contact details, process payment and your workshop content will be available straight away!

Enjoy the session in the comfort of your home at a time and pace that suits you best.

Live sessions of the Marketing Workshop, Operational Workshop and custom sessions are available for groups (of 10 or more) or via phone/facetime for individuals. Contact us for details.

Meet your workshop facilitator

Events and Markets Australia Director, Nat Buckingham facilitates the Stall Marketing Workshop. Nat is an award winning event and marketing manager with over decade of experience specialising in the stallholder scene. In additional to facilitating E+MA workshops, Nat works with Australian stallholders, event managers and government organisations to help showcase the benefits that events and markets offer makers and business communities.


"This workshop is best money I have spent on my stall – I finally know where I was going wrong. My goal was always just to make sales on market day. I had never thought about selling to people after the event lead alone having a plan on how to do it. It’s given me the tools I needed to fill in the gaps and I’ve already seen improvement in sales."

Workshop participant

"I work full time so the online workshop was perfect for me. The information was fantastic, it’s presented in a way that’s really easy to understand and everything was straight to the point. I got all the info I need (and so much more) in less than an hour, in the comfort of my own home when the kids were in bed. I’d highly recommend it to other stall operators."

Workshop participant

"This Marketing Workshop made me realise how much planning I had missed and the affects that had on my income and profits. I’ve now defined a pricing strategy which is working much better for us and feel equpped to deal with people who try to price haggle. My wife and I are a lot more confident in how we get people over to the stall and what to say when we get them there."

Workshop participant

"Nat’s coaching was such an investment for me. I was struggling to stand out from an increasing amount of competors popping up. She helped me pick better events to improve sales, create a point of difference in my product range and reduce the amount of money I was spending on marketing materials. The money she helped me save more than paid for the sessions I had and I’m so grateful for the ongoing support."

Coaching client